Thursday, 30 August 2007

the market new & old wares

What came first, as the old saying goes, the chicken or the egg? I've always loved decorating and interiors. I remember restoring an old low boy when I was in my late teens, the whole works: sanding it back, re-varnishing, adding new handles and lining the drawers with wallpaper. Now I write about interiors via Real Living and am constantly being inspired by beautiful images and homes from around the world. And I'm also on the lookout for great pieces and projects for my place. So I guess the egg came first with me - I've always loved decorating. And I love fittings and furnishings with character - kind of like a good book. One of my favourite shops is The Market in Jacques Avenue, Bondi. It's got such an odd assortment of pieces and is wonderfully ecclectic: you never quite know what you're going to find. Like the typewriter in the last picture. I might just have to rush off and buy that this weekend. A manually typed manuscript: that's something I could get excited about.

Photos courtesy of Keziah Gray (Real Living's stylist).

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Anna said...

Natalie - This is one of my all time favourite shops! Whenever I visit Sydney 'The Market' is always on my agenda!

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