Friday, 26 October 2007

artist chelsea lehmann

Okay, okay. What I'm saying is "when two sets of eyes don't meet" and share the same viewpoint. But you get the idea. D was held back at work last night while I walked around Art Sydney 07 and I found this beautiful painting. I'd actually seen it before when I'd been researching for the "Yes, you can buy art" feature for real living a few months back. It's the work of Chelsea Lehmann and I find it haunting, like something out of a 18th century novel. Unfortunately, when D arrived he didn't feel the same way. And when you're buying art (or furniture or bed linen or any number of a whole host of things that belong in the home) I believe that both partners have got to love it - well, at least like it. Some friends are lucky enough whereby their partners say, "I've got no idea about this interiors stuff, you just fill the house with what you like." I'm lucky enough - I think it's good that D has an opinion - and unlucky - not so great when we don't agree - that he cares about what goes in our home. Most of the time we have a similar aesthetic vision. But sometimes, like last night, it goes a little haywire. So, what to do? I love this piece. It's affordable ($795) but he's not bothered by it. I'm such an impulsive buyer that it's going to take all my willpower to not rush back to the fair and buy it. Oh dear...

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Lehmann and Arthouse Gallery


Suzy said...

Natalie - I compltely agree - usually my husband wavers between no opinion to a strong opinion. Usually he doesn't mind so much about little things, but I usually insist with art that we both like it and its worked well so far...but usually we differ when I happen to love something. Oh well.

Anna said...

If you absolutely LOVE it how can you live without it at that wonderful price??!! Go for it my friend!!

Ivy said...

Hey man, I can see why you like it but speaking of eyes, wouldn't it bother you when Dan isn't home late at night and there's your friend in the red coat staring out at you? She's a tad intimidating..

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